Questions and answers

At Vermont Electric Boatworks we hear all kinds of interesting questions about electric boats. Below are some of the most common. Have a question? Please call us at 802.922.8242 or use our contact form. We’re ready to help.

How does Duffy electric boat power compare to trolling motor power?

Duffy drive systems are designed to be primary power systems, developing from 140 lbs. to 175 lbs. thrust. Trolling motors are designed for intermittent duty, developing about 90 lbs. of static thrust.

How quiet are electric boats?

They have been compared to a sailboat without the rigging noise or flapping of sails… they are that quiet! Great for conversation with friends or just absorbing the silence or nature’s sounds.

How long will a Duffy cruise on a full charge?

The standard battery configuration provides up to 10 hours of cruising on a full charge. We also offer double battery systems to increase the power by 100%.

How fast are the Duffy electric boats?

Top speed for most models is approximately 7 miles per hour.

How economical are Duffy electric boats?

Very. They can be fully recharged in 10 hours with standard household current for less than $2 per charge. Most docks are equipped with the necessary 110 volts AC for charging.