About us

Grand Isle (Lake Champlain) residents, Tim and Debbi McShane, are the exclusive dealers for Duffy electric boats for Vermont, upstate New York, and Quebec.

The electric boats that the McShanes bring to the region can carry five to twelve passengers, cruise all day on one overnight charge, and cost about two dollars a day to operate. The motor is guaranteed for life. Duffy’s line of high-quality, non-polluting electric boats are the official electric boat of The Disney Corporation, and are used in Naples, Florida wild life conservancy. These boats have a lineage that extends back to the Chicago Exposition of the late 1800’s.

Tim McShane, president of Vermont Electric Boatworks, first saw the potential of the electric boats during a visit to Newport Harbor in California, where there are hundreds in operation. McShane is a graduate of King’s Point, the United States Merchant Marine Academy. He has enjoyed a life long interest in small boats, been a tugboat captain in New York harbor, and for fifteen years was a partner in a worldwide shipping company.