Giant online retailer Amazon has decided to ditch sales of most Confederate-themed products.

Reginald Bolding, an African American Democrat, issued an identical call for the removal of a small plaque memorializing Jefferson Davis on U.S. 60 southeast of Apache Junction. In light of everything which has occurred. We can’t go through our day to day lives honoring symbols of hate, symbols of separation and symbols of segregation right now, he said, echoing comparable sentiment by various other supporters who are echoing a narrative that, just because a single, youthful, drug-influenced white man gunned down nine dark worshippers in a Charleston church recently, everything linked with the Confederacy should be eliminated from general public view. All while ignoring various other glaring hypocrisies, such as Amazon‘s decision to keep selling hate in the form of Nazi symbols and memorabilia.For more info, visit Medimetrics: IntelliCap was originally created in 2008 as a study tool beneath the Philips Medimetrics brand.V. As a completely – fledged biotech firm in its right. These new scanners will targeted at regions of greatest need. It’s expected that they will be operational this summer. This new 5 12 months deal shall see 80, 000 more MRI scans a full year on the NHS – a 10 % increase in capacity. The Department of Wellness plans to sign agreements with the independent or voluntary sector within the next few months. John Reid said: MRI scans help diagnose many cancers and other serious conditions such as: congenital disorders; acute or chronic migraine and headaches; epilepsy; bone infections; serious back pain; coronary heart disease; high blood chest and pressure pains.